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A Pour Over For Your Wine (PHOTO)

It's a better way to decant your bottle.

The pour over is great for making a good cup of coffee -- if you don't know about it, you really should -- so why wouldn't it benefit wine? Sure, the initial idea of a wine pour over is slightly nauseating. You might be filled with sarcastic questions like, "Does the world really need another wine aerator? And if for some strange reason it does, should it really be a hipster pour over?" But once the idea sinks in, the very brilliance of this design becomes apparent.

The Waring Pro Wine Aerator has brought the ingeniousness of pour-over coffee to better our wine enjoyment. Not only does it mix just the right amount of air needed to open up the flavors in your nice bottle of wine, but it cuts down the decanting time by a lot (which means less wait time between you and your glass of wine). The Pro Wine Aerator also individualizes the wine-drinking experience since it's not the bottle, but each individual's glass, that gets aerated at one time. It also means you don't have to drink a whole bottle at once -- though why wouldn't you want to?

If the idea of an individualized wine aerator sounds like something you could get into, they're available at Waring for $24.95.

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