The Genealogy Of Wine Is The Most Intimidating Family Tree We've Ever Seen

The family of wine has roots that run deep -- really, really deep.

Unless you're a master sommelier, or were born in a country with centuries upon centuries of wine production under its belt, the topic of wine can get pretty confusing, pretty fast. Between the pinot noir, the pinot gris and the pinotage, it's easy to understand why. And we haven't even touched upon appellations, vintages or the bottling information that appears on wine labels. There's a lot to know when it comes to wine and we just uncorked a whole new level of confusing oenology with the genealogy of wine.

The chart-making masters over at Pop Chart Lab spent an entire year and a half researching the genealogy of wine to make what is maybe the most intimidating family tree we've ever seen. The family tree outlines the connection between every major variety of grape and demystifies the ancestry of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Riesling and many, many more. Guys, the family of wine has roots that run deep -- really, really deep. This is serious stuff -- take a look for yourself.

(Click for a larger, interactive map)

If wine genealogy is something you feel ready to know more about, you can buy your 39" x 27" print of the chart over at the Pop Chart Lab for $38 to study up. Or, just to look cool. Either way, good luck!

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