The Wine Chillers That Will Keep Your Drink Ice Cold

Don't let your wine get warm. These stay-chill glasses, bottle sleeves and portable refrigerators will keep that beverage cold.
Ninety-degree weather has got nothing on this free-standing wine refrigerator, this mid-century-inspired chilling canister or these freezable insulated glasses that keep contents chilly for longer.
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Ninety-degree weather has got nothing on this free-standing wine refrigerator, this mid-century-inspired chilling canister or these freezable insulated glasses that keep contents chilly for longer.

Nothing ruins the pleasure of a crisp pinot grigio like a glass turned slippery with condensation as its once-cold contents grow lukewarm in the midday sun. Fortunately for those of us who like to enjoy wine when the mercury begins to climb, there are portable chilling solutions that can keep your go-to summer beverage at the optimal temperature, even when you’re enjoying that beverage in the sweltering heat.

We’ve gathered some of these clever beverage-chillers in the list below so you can get back to enjoying that backyard dinner under twinkling fairy lights. Find a hand-held blast chiller that cools down drinks in just 60 seconds, a vacuum-insulated chilling sleeve that keeps wine cold for hours and a solo glass chilling cradle, ideal for stemmed glassware.

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A set of two insulated freezable wine glasses
With over 8,000 five-star-ratings on Amazon, these double-insulated wine glasses by Host use a proprietary cooling gel that stays frozen to keep white wine (or any other beverage) at the proper temperature for drinking. They are made from durable BPA-free plastic, so they're also a great option for outdoor entertaining or imbibing at the beach. If you hate that condensation that drips down a cooling glass, then you’re in luck, because an insulated silicone band runs around the glass to ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip. Just pop these glasses in the freezer, then take them out when you’re ready to use.

These freezable glasses are also available in a stemmed glass style.
A highly portable wine-chilling sleeve that is vacuum insulated
Lightweight and portable, this stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle cover by the experts in beverage chillers, Vinglacé, can keep wine cold for hours, no matter where you are. Thanks to its double-walled construction and silicone casing, you never have to worry about slippery condensation as the bottle chills. The adjustable screw-top lid works with a variety of bottle types and the practical design allows you to keep the bottle in the chiller while you pour. It's available in 12 different colors and can even be monogrammed on the Vinglacé website.
A stainless steel wine canister with a mid-century modern pattern
This stainless steel wine-chilling canister features geometric mid-century modern-inspired artwork by artist Ana Rut Bre. Just pop in your favorite pre-chilled bottle and enjoy vino at the perfect frigid temp for up to two hours. The canister is also completely dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Plus, every time you make a purchase from Society6, the profits go toward paying the 450,000-plus independent artists that make up the company’s global community.
A blast chiller that rapidly reduces beverage temperature
This handheld flash chiller utilizes two layers of protective stainless steel and a sealed-off ice chamber to provide the exposure equivalent of 30 ice cubes without diluting your beverage, all in just one minute. It's ideal for making iced coffee straight from the coffee pot, fresh iced tea or for chilling wine. Just remove the 12-ounce HyperChiller from the freezer, fill it with the beverage of your choice, swirl, then pour the contents into a glass using the built-in spout. Each component of the carafe is made with dishwasher-safe and food-grade materials.
A solo wine glass chiller perfect for stemmed glassware
This freezable wine glass cradle actively chills beverages for up to 45 minutes outdoors and for over an hour indoors thanks to a large cold surface area and insulated cradle. Just detach the chilling cradle from the stand and place it in the freezer, then, once frozen, reattach it and it’s ready to use. Both components of this chiller are dishwasher-safe and made from recycled materials, plus, it’s compatible with most stemmed glassware from champagne coups to large Bordeaux glasses. (Keep in mind that for maximum chilling effect, the glass that you use should have a bowl or base that sits within the cradle and touches the cooling surfaces, rather than hovering above it.)
A free-standing bottle refrigerator for outdoor entertaining
Using a thermoelectric cooling system, you can set, adjust and maintain the temperature of your wine or other bottled and canned beverages with this energy-efficient free-standing refrigerator that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The simple touchpad allows for easy control and a light indicator lets you know when a bottle has finished chilling or is still in the process of cooling down. This portable bottle chiller does require an electrical plug to operate.
An ice pack-style bottle sleeve that folds flat
For a truly portable and lightweight option, this ice pack-style bottle sleeve is completely flexible, fits most standard-sized bottles and chills wine in about five minutes. Six packets of non-toxic gel inside multiple layers of insulated foil and foam keep contents cold for hours. When not in use, the sleeve folds flat.
A chic table top wine cooler made from marble
This clean-looking white marble wine bucket features cool gray veining and fits well in any minimalist-inspired home. The properties of this all-natural marble keep contents cold, and the column design can also double as a vase.
An electric one-minute beverage cooler
This compact beverage chiller cools contents down to 32 degrees in just one minute using an aluminum tumbler and electric freezing base. You have the option of pouring your drink directly into the tumbler or you can slide in a compatible can or bottle to enjoy a frosty beverage just 60 seconds after pressing the “on” button. This freezing base does require an electric outlet to operate.
A set of two chilling wands that won’t dilute your beverage
There’s nothing worse than rapidly melting ice cubes diluting your drink, all for the sake of keeping it cool. These stainless steel chilling wands put an end to watered-down beverages and contain an interior core of freezing gel to help maintain lower temperatures longer. (Bonus: if you’re looking a little puffy after a night of enjoying wine at just the right temperature, the wands also double as cryo-facial tools that can soothe partied-out skin.) An accompanying plastic case allows for easy freezer storage when not in use.
A 3-in-1 chilling rod and wine aerator that keeps wine cool as you serve
Made with BPA-free acrylic and stainless steel that won’t alter the flavor of your wine, this hermetically sealed chilling rod contains a core of freezing gel to keep your pre-chilled wine at an optimal temperature longer. The spill-proof aerator spout screws into the top of the rod to help aerate the wine and make it easy to pour. This set also contains a foil cutter and a stainless steel wine stopper.

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