'Wine Country' Rap Video Released By California Connoisseurs With Gangsta Sensibility

"Wine Country" by the Dub C Crew is the latest food-related rap video to pop up on our radar -- and these oenophiles mean business. The crew's target audience? "Connoisseurs of fine wine with a gangsta sensibility." Look, we already named our favorite food jam of the year (it's Y.N.RichKids' "Hot Cheetos & Takis"), but this is probably in our top five, if only for the compulsory, hot-video-girls spitting grapes all over the place.

Be forewarned: this video contains about as much NSFW language as you can pack into a rap about wine. This crew hits on just about every insider-y, Napa Valley/Sonoma County joke we can think of -- Thomas Keller as God, the superiority of wine country's weather as compared to San Francisco and Paul Giamatti's film "Sideways" all get mentions.

There was no contest for our favorite line, however: "Just one thing missing from this blessed day, a mother f***ing magnum of cuvee chardonnay."

We owe a thank you to Inside Scoop SF, for also reminding us of last year's "I Drink Fernet" in their post about "Wine Country." An oldie but a goodie.

[via Eater]



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