10 Esoteric Wine Descriptors (and What They Really Mean!)

10 Esoteric Wine Descriptors And What They Really Mean
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By Etty Lewensztain, Wine Expert for Menuism.com

Image used under a Creative Commons license by Joe Shlabotnik

Ever find yourself sitting at a chic restaurant, staring at the sommelier with puzzled eyes wondering what in God's name he means when he tells you that the bottle of red burgundy you're about to drop 95 bucks on is mineral-driven, fleshy and polished?

Every industry has its own brand of quirky jargon, but the wine world takes the cake for its esoteric vernacular that is virtually unfathomable to the average Joe. Want to sound like an industry insider when you go wine tasting with friends? Need some go-to wine descriptors to casually bust out next time you're trying to impress a date at a wine bar? Read on to get the scoop on the most obscure adjectives the wine pros use when they talk shop.

1. Austere/Tight

10 Esoteric Wine Descriptors (and What They Really Mean!

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