Weatherman's Hilarious 'Wine Forecast' Tells You How Many Bottles You Need For This Snow

Blizzard with a chance of Chardonnay. 🍷

How much wine will it take to get through Winter Storm Stella? Chris Sowers has the answer.

The meteorologist with Philadelphia’s 6ABC Action News tweeted a Photoshopped weather forecast on Sunday that predicted just how many bottles of wine to buy based on regional snowfall.

Sowers wound up deleting the image, which was reportedly created by a 6ABC viewer, but Twitter is still incredibly grateful for the forecast.

“Just so everyone knows, this was Photoshopped,” Sowers told New York Magazine. “I didn’t actually go on the air with a graphic like this. I can’t believe how quickly this is spreading.”

What can we say? People love wine. Try pairing yours with a cozy, warm recipe on this snowy day.

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