10 Wine Slushie Recipes That Make Life Great

Frose is just the beginning.

Nothing says summer like a frozen beverage in hand. This summer, that frozen beverage should also mean a glass of wine ― because there’s no reason you should have to pick between the two. It’s time to embrace the wine slushie.

Wine slushies blend up a glass (or bottle) of wine into a frozen drink that will refresh and relax you at the end of a summer day. Sometimes, fruit is also blended into the mix ― think frozen sangria. And sometimes, these frozen drinks get a little kick from something a little stronger, like limoncello.

Here are the recipes you need to embrace the wine slushie trend.

Lychee, Coconut And Rose Slushie
Matters of the Belly
Get the Lychee, Coconut And Rose Slushie recipe from Matters of the Belly
Peach Wine Slushies
Dessert For Two
Get the Peach Wine Slushies recipe from Dessert for Two
Strawberry Red Wine Slushie
Hungry Couple NYC
Get the Strawberry Red Wine Slushie recipe from Hungry Couple NYC
Frozen Peach Bellini
Damn Delicious
Get the Frozen Peach Bellini recipe from Damn Delicious
Frozen Sangria Slushie
Baking a Moment
Get the Frozen Sangria Slushie recipe from Baking a Moment
Tropical Wine Slushies
Get the Tropical Wine Slushies recipe from Twinspiration
Watermelon Lemoncello Prosecco Smoothie
Floating Kitchen
Summer Fruit Wine Slushie
Modernly Morgan
Get the Summer Fruit Wine Slushie recipe from Modernly Morgan
Blackberry Merlot Slushies
From Calculus To Cupcakes
Get the Blackberry Merlot Slushies recipe From Calculus To Cupcakes
Cantaloupe Wine Slushies
Cooking With Books
Get the Cantaloupe Wine Slushies recipe from Cooking With Books

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