7 Ways To Keep Wine At Its Best

7 Ways To Keep Wine Fresh
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Nigel Carr, former CEO of Oriel Wines, offers the following advice to ensure proper preservation of wine:

wine storage
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1. Store wine away from direct light, which can damage or prematurely age your wine. Surprisingly, ultraviolet light can even penetrate dark-colored glass and impart unpleasant aromas.
2. The optimum long-term storage temperature is 50 to 55 degrees F, and sudden dramatic changes in temperature should be avoided. That said, wine will likely last for a year or two between 40 and 70 degrees F, as long as changes in temperature are gradual rather than sudden.
3. Humidity should be maintained between 50 and 80 percent so that the cork doesn't dry out and crumble or lose its seal.
4. Store wine on its side rather than upright to keep the cork damp.
5. Wine should be stored in a calm place, as excessive vibration can disturb the sediment and damage the wine.
6. Face the label upward so that you don't disturb the bottle when trying to read it.
7. Store all bottles accessibly so that you're not constantly moving them when you want to drink.

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