There Was A Brawl At The Wing Bowl And That's Not So Delicious

Chicken wings should bring people together.

A fight broke out in the stands at the 2016 Wing Bowl -- because chicken wings clearly bring out some very strong emotions.

The fan footage shows competitive eating spectators inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia as they brawl over who knows what. Perhaps there wasn't enough blue cheese dressing for everyone.

Warning: The video above contains language that may be unsuitable for some audiences.

Down on the playing field, Molly Schuyler devoured 429 wings to take home her second Wing Bowl title in three years. Last year's champ, Patrick Bertoletti, chowed down a mere 408.

Most importantly, six competitive eaters were eliminated from the competition for vomiting, according to

Here's another clip of the fight. Can't we all just get along?

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