Wing Ma'am, App Designed For And By LGBT Women, Debuts

Wing Ma'am is a unique and multi-faceted location-based app designed for and by LGBT and queer-identifying women who want to establish new connections and be in the know about relevant events around town.

Inspired by the creator's frustrations in trying to break into a new city's LGBT community after moving, Wing Ma'am is more than just a hook-up app and designed for all women, including those identifying as transgender and bisexual, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting.

According to the app's website, Wing Ma'am strives to "be about everything: the social networking, the profile-making, the friendships, the matchmaking, the event making, and sure, the inevitable hook-ups that will probably happen... [We want to] break down social barriers in the community... We are all one community strong, and we do not judge. NO MATTER how you identify, or don't identify."

In a technology-driven world where the majority of LGBT apps seem to be marketed towards men, this location-based social networking app seeks to create a more immersive online community for LGBT and queer-identifying women.

"It opens up the circle for dating and friendships in the community and creates a sense of unity and impact in numbers, because our hope is that anyone who is a gay woman will be on this," software developer Ariella Furman said in a recent interview.

For more information on Wing Ma'am, watch the video above or visit the app's website.



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