One Illustration Shows How To Draw On The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is one of the most classic, yet edgy makeup looks in beauty history. The graphic line, also known as the cat-eye, is a statement style that can seamlessly translate from day to night, with no touchups required.

Amp up your summer makeup routine with a sharp touch of black (or colored!) liner. Learn how to get the perfect wing with the simple and beautiful tutorial below, illustrated by Bernadette Pascua of Bébé Requin and Decade Diary.

1. Tightly line the upper lash line and a small portion of the lower waterline with your favorite eyeliner.

2. Extend the liner from the lower lid line and draw until you reach a desired length.

3. Complete the outline of the wing, starting from the tip of the extended line and working back to the outer corner of your eye.

4. Fill in the wing and alter the liner to be as thick or thin as you want on the upper lid. The end!

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