Winner Of Memoir Contest Tells Fascinating Tale Of Transformation


More than two years ago, Simon & Schuster, AARP and The Huffington Post announced a Memoir Contest designed to discover and select the best unpublished memoir we could find -- and then publish it. The aim was to uncover the hidden writing talent among those 50 and older -- as well as some amazing life stories. In total, we received more than 2,500 entries, many of them quite compelling.

Finally we can announce the winner: William Bonham, now 66, who rose to the top with his tale of personal transformation. Here is just a little taste of his story:

The year is 1973, and 24-year-old William Bonham desperately needs work. Hoping to take advantage of his background in restaurants, he applies for a job as a cook at Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge and gets the offer. Out of cash and options, he takes it, much to his wife's concern. Over the course of a year, he comes to care for the prisoners, although he knows these men have committed unforgivable crimes. And on one terrible day, he is taught a surprising lesson about love and loss.

To read more of his book, go here. To buy his book, Prisoner in the Kitchen, go to

Thanks again everyone and huge congratulations to William Bonham!




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