Winners, Losers and Beauty School Dropouts - Predictions for the New Hampshire Primary

Today is the New Hampshire Primary... I know, you're freaking out right now! But really, some people are really excited about it - like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump and Sanders didn't win Iowa and so they really need to win New Hampshire to stay competitive as the presidential race moves forward. Depending on who wins New Hampshire, we expect some of the lower polling candidates to drop out. For Republicans I'm looking at Jim Gilmore, John Kasich and Ben Carson, for Democrats we think Bernie and Hillary will have a fight till the finish now that they are the only two left. As far as independents go, they've gotten the shaft as usual, especially with Trump's domination over the press this year. Unless an Independent candidate takes advantage of the chaos that is the Republican nominees and the badmouthing that has dominated the Democratic side, we don't see an Independent winning the presidential nomination.

New Hampshire is important because they have approximately 40 percent independent voters so the votes could go any which way depending on their mood that day. We made some predictions on what we think might go down today in the New Hampshire primary. Vote on these and make your own predictions on Sage today.