Oscar Movies Reimagined As Winnie The Pooh Win All Our Votes

This idea is as sweet as honey.

All it took was a tweet involving Pooh and Christopher Robin for someone’s imagination to take flight.

On Jan. 25, Twitter user @dilsexia, posted this:

The funny observation soon went viral and 10,000 retweets later, Dawid Adamek, a movie blogger from Warsaw, Poland, spotted it, got inspired and decided to pull the Tigger.

Adamek made a series reimagining Winnie the Pooh to the 2016 Oscar-nominated films and the mashup is straight up magic:

Adamek has been writing for since 2014 and seems to have a penchant for James Bond movies. But none of his posts have ever shaken and stirred the Internet quite like this post, which has caught the attention of viral media sites like BoredPanda and UPROXX.

This is not the first time Pooh Bear has gotten the mashup treatment. Florida artist James Hance, combined Pooh with "Star Wars" earlier this month. The iconic bear has also been reimagined as "The Avengers." It’s definitely a cool trend and call us Piglets, but we hope to see more.

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