This Is What It Would Sound Like If Winnie The Pooh Became Darth Vader

A universe where Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars can commingle is a pretty great universe indeed.

In the video above, watch as prolific voice actor Jim Cummings reads a Star Wars scene as the honey-loving Pooh portraying none other than the oh-so-sinister Darth Vader.

The clip, filmed during ConnectiCon 2013, also shows Cummings voicing Darth Vader's underling Daine Jir as Darkwing Duck, the feathered superhero from the 90s cartoon of the same name. Lauren Landa, another voice actor, is also featured.

The video, posted online last July, has enjoyed a viral resurgence this week as netizens enjoy a trip down memory lane.

"The nostalgia... it hurts…" wrote one besotted Redditor on Friday after watching the clip.

Other than Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing Duck, Cummings has also voiced cartoon characters like the Tazmanian Devil and Cat from Nickelodeon's "CatDog." He's also done voices for films like "Aladdin," "Shrek" and the "Bee Movie," as well as voiceover work for video games like "World of Warcraft."