Winning Weight Loss Tip: It's Not Just About What You Put Into Your Mouth

Winning Weight Loss Tip: It's Not Just About What You Put Into Your Mouth
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I have a wait problem. I hate to wait. When I want something, I want it NOW.

My wait problem also applies to my need to lose weight problem.

When I want to lose weight, I want to lose it NOW.

I am happy to report I succeeded at losing weight very quickly -- 10 pounds in 2 months on my five foot three frame!


I not only focused on what I put into my mouth -- but what emerged from my mouth -- wordwise!

I created A NEW VOCABULARY MENU -- where I changed the words I allowed to enter and exit my mouth about my weight and my slim down process.

In other words...I went on a special Word Diet - beginning with banning the word "diet." After all, if you really want to get slim and healthier, you're not "on" a diet -- because this implies going "off" the diet at some point. In fact, the word diet has a lot of negative associations. I hear that word and think: "LOTS OF PAIN AHEAD!"

So I renamed the healthier eating habits I'm now forever doing as my "DO IT PROGRAM" -- not a diet program --and so I'm now really "doing it" - eating healthier for life.

Another word on MY NEW VOCABULARY MENU: "APPRECI-EAT." This word is all about slowing down the eating and thereby tasting food more - so you'll want to eat less. Studies show that if you eat more slowly, you allow your body the needed time to signal to your brain that you are full -- which is usually 20 minutes. So I no longer eat meals and snacks - I appreciEAT them!

More words on my NEW VOCABULARY MENU: "FORWARD" and "BACKWARD." Every food one chooses to eat either moves you forward to your dream weight - or backwards to gaining more weight. So when I look at a food I ask myself: "Is this a forward food - or a backward food?"

Yet more words from MY NEW VOCABULARY MENU: "THE OLD ME" and "THE NEW ME." All your actions come from your identity. If you think: "I always overeat late at night." Guess what? You do. If you think: "I'm the type of person who can resist chocolate -- the new me is great at resisting it -- the new me eats forward foods -- the old me ate backward foods!" Guess what? The new you will be very much going forwards to fab - instead of backwards to flab!

Another word on MY NEW VOCABULARY MENU: "WALLPOWER!" To hell with ordinary mere mortal willpower. When you have WALLPOWER, nothing will be able to break through your wall of commitment!

A new sentence on MY NEW VOCABULARY MENU: "INCREASING MY APPETITE FOR LIFE." If you want to be a slim, healthy person it's essential you swap the pleasure of food with life's multitudinous other delights.

FACT: If you're presently overweight, it's because you're not being hungry enough about pursuing life's other abundant pleasures - and are seeing mostly the pleasure of food.

FACT: If you want to lose weight you must make sure your appetite for life is far bigger than your appetite for mere food.

So... swap chips and salsa for salsa class! Stop eating! Start painting! Recognize the joy of taking photos lasts longer than the joy of ice cream!

Finally, here's an entire sentence of empowering words which very much helped me stay focused on my slim down goal: "NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SLIM AND SEXY FEELS."

Every time I wanted to pig out -- I simply quickly reminded myself how this temporary pleasure of food was a very minor pleasure, compared to the ultimate rewarding pleasure of feeling sim and sexy!

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