Winona Ryder 'Homefront' Set Photos Show Off Actress' Slim Figure

Winona Ryder shocked fans when she debuted a slimmer figure for her role in 2010's Oscar-winning film "Black Swan," and it appears she's back on another movie diet.

The 40-year-old actress showed off her thin frame in New Orleans on Oct. 1 while shooting scenes for the upcoming flick "Homefront," which co-stars Jason Statham and James Franco. The film, written by Sylvester Stallone, focuses on Statham's character, a former DEA agent who gets tangled up with a local meth druglord. Ryder reportedly plays a biker who teams up with Franco, the drug-dealing villain.

In the photos, a slender Ryder, who's dressed in a tight maroon tank top, black skinny jeans and boots, puffs away on cigarettes and chats with cast and crew members in between takes.

Check out Ryder on the "Homefront" set below:

winona ryder homefront

winona ryder homefront



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