Winona Ryder And Keanu Reeves Awkwardly Confess Mutual Raging Crushes

Someone needs to bottle the "Destination Wedding" stars' chemistry.

This interview with Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves feels like it’s straight out of a romantic comedy.

The two actors are promoting their film “Destination Wedding,” which opens Friday, and have been dropping interesting tidbits about their long working relationship and friendship along the way. Ya know, like how they might have accidentally married each other in 1992?

The ship-worthy duo spoke to Entertainment Tonight on Monday and were asked if they remembered the first time they met. Both remembered specifics, such as the year (“’87, ’88,” Reeves recalled) and the place (“we presented an award at the Independent Spirit Awards back when it was in a room with folding chairs,” Ryder said).

Things quickly got awkward in a cute way, however, when they were asked why they remember this encounter in such vivid detail.

“Well, I had a pretty, pretty big, healthy crush on this guy,” Ryder said, stammering over her words.

“I had a big, healthy crush on you, too,” Reeves replied.

When asked what happened to their healthy crushes, both quickly admitted those feelings are alive and well.

“It’s still raging, trust me,” said Ryder.

If that wasn’t enough to make you want to take a cold shower, earlier on in the interview, Reeves goes to town listing the reasons why he loves working with Ryder.

“A good friend, sense of humor, intelligence, mind, view of the world, beautiful heart, beautiful spirit and a damn fine actress.”


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