The Trailer For Winona Ryder's Terrifyingly Eerie Netflix Show 'Stranger Things' Is Here

The drama hits Netflix on July 15.

The trailer for Winona Ryder's new Netflix drama, "Stranger Things," was just released and it looks creepy.

The show, which is set in Hawkins, Indiana, in the '80s, focuses on the search for a young boy who goes missing under some pretty suspicious circumstances. His mother, played by Ryder, brings the case to police, who open an investigation into the boy's mysterious disappearance.

As the search progresses, authorities discover a slew of mysteries, from top-secret government experiments to supernatural forces, like this:

Judging by the two-and-a-half minute clip, "Stranger Things" looks the the perfect show for anyone who loves "Twin Peaks," "True Detective" (Season 1, duh) and "The X-Files."

Watch the whole thing above.

"Stranger Things" premieres on Netflix July 15.

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