Winona Ryder: 'I Don't Use The Internet'

Winona Ryder: 'I Don't Use The Internet'

Winona Ryder isn't likely to be reading this.

"I don't use the Internet," the star told Elle (which noted she "sound[ed] genuinely bewildered"), "but apparently you can find out everything on it."

According to Winona's interview with Elle, she has an iPad--a gift from actor/director/producer Ron Howard--but has yet to put it to use. Her gadget of choice is a BlackBerry.

"I have my e-mail on my BlackBerry, and that's about it. I've never read a blog, ever," she explained to Elle. "I feel like it's taking away that great anticipation of seeing a movie. It used to be you'd hear, like, Al Pacino was making a movie, and you wouldn't know anything about it. And nowadays, you know it all, like how much [the actors] are being paid. I would hate to see a picture of me and the caption reads, 'Is she worth it?' "

Fellow celebrity Prince is, like Winona, less than enamored with the Web.

"The Internet's completely over," he told the Mirror earlier this year.

Read Winona Ryder's interview with Elle here.

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