Winston Bennett, Sex Addict: I Slept With 90 Women A Month (VIDEO)

Winston Bennett played in the NBA during the late 1980s and early 90s, and while he may have been known for his on-court ability, he harbored an off-court passion that nearly consumed him.

In an interview with ESPN's "Outside the Lines," Bennett details his sex addiction, explaining that he slept with 90 women per month before he got married -- and approximately half that total after his wedding.

He says he would meet the women seemingly anywhere: "Malls, restaurants -- let's not forget -- prostitutes, massage parlors." His obsession with sex occupied huge swaths of time. "I spent a great deal of time either having sex, cruising for sex, calling for sex, looking for sex," Bennett told ESPN. He "very seldom" used protection.

Bennett's basketball career afforded him an "unbelievable" dating life. "One was never enough," he said. "Three or four in a day was very typical for me." Just one day after getting married, Bennett says he slept with another woman, and he later gave his wife two sexually transmitted diseases. Scroll down to view the segment.