Winston Churchill, 48-Year-Old Thief, Banned From Nottingham Stores After Shoplifting Spree

A sticky-fingered man who shares the name of a former British prime minister has been banned from shops in a UK city after he was caught shoplifting several times.

According to the Nottingham Post, Winston Churchill, 48, has been banned from all stores in Nottingham's city center after he was convicted for shoplifting eight times last year.

Most recently, Churchill was convicted of three counts of theft after he was caught stealing a number of expensive shirts and a ladies coat. He was sentenced at Nottingham Magistrates Court to a 33-week prison sentence in early February, ITV News reports.

The court also banned him from entering all stores in the city center until mid-2015.

As might be expected, netizens have taken to social media sites like Twitter to joke about the thief's famous name:

This has been a rather bizarre week for some of World War II's major players.

According to a Feb. 17 Al-Jazeera report, a man named after Adolf Hitler is running for political office in Meghalaya, India. Adolf lu Hitler R Marak is reportedly running for state assembly on Saturday.



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