How YOU Stay Active Despite The Winter Weather (PHOTOS)

No matter the benefits of outdoor exercise -- like improved focus, faster healing and higher vitamin D levels -- even the most devoted of nature lovers are likely to consider heading inside when winter weather takes a turn for the worse.

With frigid temps and buckets of snow plaguing much of the country, we asked our Twitter followers to tell us how they manage to keep outdoor exercise in their routine. Some of the bravest responses are below.

6 miles w/ friends in snow covered Central Park in 14 degrees! --‏@RxBethOnTheRun

Running! --Amanda Loudin

Bundled up for today's walk here in CT after the snow --Kathy Winters

Walking a spring half marathon means winter miles! --Bethany Snyder

Cold weather can't keep us off the pitch! --US Soccer Foundation

I do yoga in the snow! Picture in Vermont. I'm doing Warrior 1 and my fiancé is doing upward dog. --Diana Antholis

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