The Easiest Winter Hacks For Getting Through A Long, Cold Season

The Easiest Winter Hacks For Getting Through A Long, Cold Season

If you're lucky enough to live in a climate that's warm year-round, stop reading. The rest of us bundle up and hope for the best.

In Denver, a city used to snowy weather, a reporter for ABC 7 News put a few winter lifehacks to the test (but not without some local news affiliate banter first). You might know the tip for using cooking oil spray to keep snow from sticking to a shovel, but you might not know the secret use for old socks that'll save your windshield. Watch the video above to see them all.

We've also rounded up a few hacks that'll take some of the sting out of winter. Here they are:

Park facing east.
car parked frost
You'll generally be in the path of the sun for most of the day, which will help melt any snow or ice that accumulates during the course of your day.

Use hand sanitizer to "de-ice" your car's lock.
iced car door lock
The high alcohol content in hand sanitizer will melt through the ice, says

Change the rotation of your ceiling fan.
ceiling fan
According to The Simple Dollar, running your fan on low in the clockwise direction will help "mix" the warm and cool air in a room, keeping your home at a steady temperature.

Keep your curtains open during the day.
open drapes
Mainly if your home is facing south. The sunlight will help keep your home warm (the official term is "passive solar heating").

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