Winter One Hundred Years Ago - 1914 - 1915

As our local public radio weatherman says, "meteorological winter" has begun. Time to stop pretending those last leaves will be raked until spring; time to start thinking about other outdoor activities to entertain us. To that end, we present some images of people outside during the winter of 1914 - 15, one hundred years ago. Doesn't look so bad, does it?


This group of men in winter overcoats obviously had good luck ice fishing. They are seen here holding their catch of Northern Pike from Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.


Alice Schoch and Mike out for a walk on a winter day in St. Paul, with skates at the ready.


Winter is an opportunity for its own specific type of fashion. These ladies are ready to step out into the cold.


This image from the Louis Hill papers is of a hunting party in northern Minnesota.


What could be more fun than playing on top of a huge snowbank, especially if you're a kid with dogs?

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