11 Things Made Way More Awesome By Winter


Your lips are chapped, your cheeks are rosy-raw, and you haven't been able to feel your toes since Halloween. We hear you, winter can be rough. But as the weather leaves your teeth chattering, nature also gives you some of the most jaw-dropping and beautiful sights of the whole year. It seems fitting that the meanest season compensates by providing some of the greatest natural beauty. So, grab a hot drink and come take a tour of our favorite sights in these winter wonderlands:

1. Spider webs!

This iced-up spiderweb won't snare a single fly, but it certainly will catch your eye.

In warmer climates, this ice sculpture would help ships navigate the coast.

3. These "waves" in Antarctica

The slooooowest ocean wave in the world? Nope, turns out these formations were the result of years of Antarctica's normal old glaciation

That's a relief -- we'd thought it had put a major crimp in this guy's surfing plans.

4. This geyser in Wyoming

Mother Nature even coordinated a sun-soaked halo to spotlight this natural ice sculpture masterpiece.

5. A forest in Estonia

You think you're cold? Try being a branch in this neighborhood.

6. Levitating ice

Is this ice floating in mid-air or are these trees just amazing hula-hoopers? According to a Reddit user, this gravity-defying formation is the aftermath of winter flooding.

7. A dandelion

These petals won't be blowing away until March, at least.

8. Soap bubble

The cleanest frost you ever did see.

9. Waterfall

Oh, you came to watch the water actually fall? That's awkward.

10. Street lamp

Mother Nature's submission to the winter art fair.

11. This skyscraper of faucet water

Who needs running water when you have gravity-defying icicles?

While these beautiful sights of winter can't warm you up or scrape all the ice off of your car, they serve as a nice reminder of the serene beauty that accompanies this tempestuous season.

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