Winter Reads That'll Keep You Snug As a Book Bug

The winter is finally here and snuggling up with a duvet, book and hot chocolate has never seemed so good. Alas, I thought I would offer a few books that suit this frosty season...

1. Winger
By Andrew Smith

Smith's teen fiction explores friendship, love and boarding school bullies. Winger is a great read if you want a heartbreaking yet hilariously honest book to consume your time.

2. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
By Holly Black

The book is a modern take on vampires, and if you liked Twilight you'll enjoy this read. The book captivates human fascination with vampires and Tana, a 17-year-old human girl is both strong and flawed in her Coldtown world.

3. Eleanor and Park
By Rainbow Rowell

A love and romance about two youngsters from diverse backgrounds. We fell in love with Eleanor and Park's stories and a heartwarming read is perfect for a cold winter.

4. Pretty Little Liars: Deadly
By Sara Shepard

If you're addicted to the television series then you'll love Shepard's new fourteenth volume Deadly. The girls uncover more juicy scandals and the book is packed with dark twists.

5. Staying Strong - 365 days a year
By Demi Lovato

Read about Demi's inspirational story of overcoming her personal issues and her present day battle with a mental illness. We love Demi's courage -- a perfect accompaniment with her new released album DEMI.

6. Looking for Alaska
By John Green

Misfit Florida teenager leaves the safety of home for a boarding school in Alabama and a chance to explore the "Great Perhaps." This is a great read if you want an unexpected ending. The characters are full of quirk and wit and the story explores the mystery of being human.

7. Before I Fall
By Lauren Olivier

A book that gets you thinking philosophically but also allows you to get your own back on all the people who act superior, like popular Sam. After a crash, Sam has to relive her significant life choices and we watch her try and understand the meaning of her actions. A satisfying read.