Everything You Need To Know About Winter Skin Care

Use this handy guide to keep your skin moisturized all winter long.

Feel that? The winds are changing. Winter's on its way in, bringing along with it harsh weather that can do some serious damage on your body's biggest and most visible organ: your skin.

Products like balm and lotion are crucial in preserving your skin's moisture to protect it from damage. To equip you with the right knowledge (and balms), we put together everything you need to know about winter skin care, from brushing your lips with a toothbrush to Vaseline alternatives.

It'll definitely get cold out, but your skin doesn't need to suffer this winter.

Your Cuticles Are Especially Vulnerable
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Cold temperatures can hurt your cuticles, which will definitely hurt your manicure program. "Adding a fresh coat of nail polish to your nails is practically pointless when you have dry, cracked cuticles," HuffPost beauty editor Dana Oliver writes.

In her list of hydrating cuticle creams, salves and oils, Oliver highlights some of her favorite ways to banish dry cuticles so that your nails can shine.

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Limit Your Time In The Tub
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Dr. Doris Day (a dermatologist, not the actor) told HuffPost Live that the more time you spend in the bath, the more of your body's natural oils you wash off. "While a long, hot bath or shower may seem super appealing after braving the cold, it might not be the best thing for your skin. You don't want to wash away the protective oils which help lock moisture in," she said. But if you keep your showers to 15 minutes or less and only opt for hot water periodically, you should be good.

Read the rest of her list of things you need to start doing right now to save your skin come winter.
Vaseline Isn't The Only Skin Saver In Town
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Vaseline ranks pretty high in most people's esteem this time of year, but it's gotten a bad rap recently as it, and other petroleum-based products, contains benzene (a carcinogen). You might be happy to know petroleum jelly isn't the only game in town.

"If you're sick of that huge tub of clear gunk, or you just want to try something new, here are some products that you should introduce to your moisturizing routine," HuffPost associate style editor Chanel Parks writes in her list of seven skin savers that aren't Vaseline.

"And don't worry, your head, shoulders, knees and toes will still survive through the season."

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You Actually Shouldn't Moisturize Right After A Bath
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HuffPost Healthy Living editor Meredith Melnick debunks five winter skin myths, such as this one: "Emerging research shows that the timing of a person's moisturizer routine won't increase the skin's hydration," she writes.

Instead, moisturize often.

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Tinted Moisturizers Can Save Your Morale
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When those winter blues get really real, tinted moisturizers, like Laura Mercier's pictured above, not only add glow to your skin, but they also improve your morale in big ways.

"Women tend to look 'cakier' in the winter, due to the many layers of serum, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF and foundation that we apply. Winter climates also have the tendency to 'lock in' the many layers on your face," explains Mark celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. "While most people think that a light tinted moisturizer is just for summer, it’s actually perfect for allowing your skin to look breathable and fresh in the winter."

Oliver shows you how to use the best tinted moisturizers here.
Brush Your Chapped Lips With A Toothbrush
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A toothbrush can help brush off the extra skin on your chapped lips, a surprising trick among many in our list of ways to avoid cracked, dry skin during the colder months.

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