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8 Skincare Products Every Man Needs To Survive Winter

Get yourself some lip balm because chapped lips are a turn-off.

Listen up, fellas.

We understand that you'd prefer to keep your skincare routine as simple as possible, but that doesn't mean you get a pass to do absolutely nothing -- especially during the cold-weather months. Your skin takes a brutal beating in winter from the harsh winds and cold temperatures, and the only way to save face is to use the right products.

In the video below, Birchbox Man editor Nate Nagy shares eight essentials every man needs in his winter skincare survival kit. We may not be able to convince you to ease up on those steaming-hot showers. But may we suggest following Nagy's tips and using bar soap or body wash packed with vitamin E and a fast-absorbing body lotion for maximum hydration. Don't forget to keep your hair and scalp clean and nourished with a dandruff shampoo. Also, look out for after-shave balms, as they pull double-duty as moisturizers.

Watch the clip to learn more about these winter men's skincare must-haves, plus get the lowdown on all eight of Nagy's editor-approved picks.

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