These Cold-Weather Mistakes Are Messing With Your Sleep (VIDEO)

Now that the temperature's dropping, it might be tempting to let some of our healthier habits drop by the wayside. Maybe we skimp a little on exercise or indulge in some heartier, comforting meals.

But doing so may be throwing off your sleep, Brad Lichtenstein, ND, says in the video above.

These are just a couple of the cold-weather mistakes you might be making that could harm your sleep. Combine them with eating later at holiday parties, cranking up the heat too high or a bout of the flu, and you've got a recipe for sleep-deprivation disaster.

Luckily, there are some simple steps to help you combat these seasonal sleep saboteurs. For some easy tips to help you power out of bed on these chilly, groggy mornings, watch the clip above.

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