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10 Ways To Bundle Up In Style When It's Freezing Cold Outside

Living and working in New York sure has its perks. Namely, the best sample sales and Chinese food delivery at 4am. But one of the best things about The Big Apple is the street style.

Just walking to and from work and taking the subway every day leaves us inspired. We are constantly passing people wearing amazing things (like top hats) and forging new trends (like ponchos). To help you get a better idea of the people we encounter around the office, we've amassed some of our best street style photos from the past few weeks.

Though you may think that New Yorkers give up once it starts to get cold outside, the street style just gets better. Behold, some of the most stylish people we've spotted recently:

street style Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Here is what some of our favorite street style stars had to say:


Name: Batu Kaplanoglu Occupation: Writer and director Favorite item to wear in the winter: A poncho Life Motto: Creating is more important than consuming


Name: Regina Smith Occupation: English teacher Favorite part about winter: I love layering and mixing different patterns Favorite magazine: The Economist and The New Yorker


Name: Kyle Hopkins Occupation: Jewelry designer Favorite winter item: A wool coat Must read magazine: Wonderland, Purple and V magazines

More inspiring street style: