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14 Sweet And Savory Walnut Dishes (Photos)


Walnuts don't seem to get as much attention as some of our other favorite nuts. Almonds are sprinkled atop salads and cakes, pine nuts hold a secure spot as a key ingredient in our beloved pesto, and peanuts can be found on the counter of bars all over the country. But the walnut often gets forgotten on the shelf.

Walnuts, those fragrant and craggily nuts, make a great addition to many dishes -- especially this time of year. They are harvested in the autumn so their flavor profile naturally complements many cold-weather recipes. From savory plates such as chicken cutlets with walnut-caper brown butter to sweet treats like walnut cake with a hint of rosemary, walnuts add a richness and depth that other nuts cannot rival. Walnuts are also chock full of omega-3s and a ton of other good-for-you nutrients -- just another great reason to add them to your next meal.

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Chicken Cutlets With Walnut Caper Brown Butter

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