Snowy Street Morphs Into Slo-Mo Demolition Derby

Chilling video shows cars, buses and even a snow plow slide into each other.

Sure, building a snowman is fun, but this video reminds us just how awful winter can be.

People are going about their business in the Canadian city of Montreal this week, when suddenly a slight incline on a snowy road over black ice turns a street into a slow-motion demolition derby.

Cars, two buses, a police cruiser, a taxi and even a snow plow failed to get purchase on the slick roadway, resulting in a 10-vehicle pileup.

“Get out of the car!” someone can be heard shouting in the video, as a snow plow heads inexorably toward the police cruiser. The plow crashes into the vehicle. No one was hurt, but some of the vehicles took crushing hits.

A city official told the Montreal Gazette that a sudden temperature drop the morning of a light snowfall in the city on Monday required salt and sand spreaders to be in several places at once and they fell behind covering streets.

Worker Willem Shepherd settled into his office on Côte du Beaver Hall around 10 a.m. when he noticed the pileup starting as one of the buses began slowly sliding along the hill.

Shepherd filmed the scene and posted it to his Facebook page this week. He’s since gotten thousands of friend requests and video views have surged beyond 25 million. “It’s kind of crazy,” he told the Toronto Star. 



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