'Wipeout': Can A Wizard Help The Nerds Pull Out Another Victory In 'Nerds Vs. Hotties II'? (VIDEO)

For its season premiere, "Wipeout" (Thu., 9 p.m. ET on ABC) brought back its popular "Hotties vs. Nerds" And the casting agents did a great job of finding some of the most extreme examples of each category. Last time, the nerds came out on top, but would they again?

it seemed they couldn't lose when LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) enthusiast Larry showed up in his full wizard regalia. He even cast a spell before he took on the course, seeking aid from ... the Razzies?

"By the power of the Razzies, give me power, give me strength, give me agility and let me go through this wipeout course … in one piece and without pain!" he intoned.

The spell didn't work, as he did indeed wipeout. Maybe it deflected onto fellow nerd Ari Grant, who did reign triumphant. The nerd made it 2-0 against the hotties. "Nerds rule and always will in the wipeout zone!" he shouted in his moment of triumph.

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