'Wipeout': 'The Most Popular Man In The World' Competes (VIDEO)

Julian McFadden certainly had the kind of personal confidence one needs to tackle the "Wipeout" (Thu., 9 p.m. ET on ABC) course. In what sounded like a nod to Leonardo DiCaprio's famous cry in "Titanic," McFadden shouted from the start of the course, "I’m the most popular man in the world!”

He spoke on the sidelines with Vanessa Lachey about his popularity, claiming at first to have "about a thousand" friends. When she asked if those were "like real friends" he downward corrected to 800.

But it quickly jumped to 801 as he then declared that he and Lachey were friends now, too. She never even agreed to be his friend, so apparently McFadden can just declare friendships with everyone he meets. That's probably his superpower as "The Most Popular Man In The World!"

"Wipeout" expands to two-hour blocks, and an earlier 8 p.m. ET start time for the next two Thursdays before settling back into its usual 9 p.m. ET on Thursdays slot on ABC in mid-August.

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