WIRED Is a Steamy, Sexy Thriller By Julie Garwood

Cover of WIRED by Julie Garwood
Cover of WIRED by Julie Garwood

Book Review - Jackie K Cooper

WIRED by Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood's books take us to a place we can only imagine. It is a world where men look like Greek gods and women are major model beautiful. It is a place where the lead characters not only look good but are also blessed with high intelligence. They can solve most problems, save most lives, and still look great doing it. This is certainly the world we find in Garwood's latest novel WIRED.

In this story we meet Allison Trent, a student at Boston College. She is acing her classes due to her high intelligence. She is especially good at creating and understanding computer coding. What intrigues her most are cases she learns of where innocent people have been bilked of their savings by predator hackers. In many instances she is able to trace down the hackers, find the location of the stolen funds, and then get the money back. She has done this with millions of dollars. Of course all of this is illegal even though she sends the FBI information which leads them to the moony so they can return it to the injured parties.

Allison knows this Robin Hood style of involvement in these cases could get her into some serious trouble but she just has to follow her heart and head. She has a compulsion to help the needy and the injured. All of this appears to blow up in her face when she is called into the local FBI office. She fears the worst, but the best actually happens. She is offered a job to work for the FBI to try to trace where some damaging leaks of information are occurring.

It should also be mentioned that the FBI Agent who offers her the job is named Liam Scott. He is one of the agency's best and he is as handsome as Allison is beautiful (did I mention she models on the side?). The book primarily focuses on the strong attraction between Allison and Liam. He loves her and she loves him but they are both bound and determined to keep their feelings hidden. They enter into a relationship which has no commitments.

Garwood has been writing this type of novel for years and it has served her well. She has a legion of devoted fans who eat every story up and pine for the next one. This is because Garwood knows just the right amount of sex, passion, drama and mystery to blend into every story. This doesn't mean each story has the same formula and mix. In some the suspense may be the paramount flavor; in others it could be the drama, romance and/or sex.

In WIRED it is the romance and sex. There is a tiny bit of suspense thrown in based on Allison's family background, and a fellow student who wants to steal one of her best computer programs. This is minor stuff when compared to the devotion to detail allotted to the romance between Allison and Liam. And the romance is steamy enough to drive even her coolest readers crazy.

Julie Garwood knows her readers and knows how to please them. When it comes to Garwood books it is not so much what the story is but how the author tells it. WIRED is a steamy, sexy thriller that will have her adoring fans begging for more, more, more.

WIRED is published by Berkley. It contains 303 pages and sells for $27.00.

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