Wisconsin Capitol Arrests Turn Violent As Police Take Down Protester (VIDEO)

WATCH: Wisconsin Cops Violently Arrest Capitol Protester

The ongoing protests in Wisconsin's Capitol turned violent Monday when police tackled and forcefully restrained a demonstrator while carrying out what has become a daily round of arrests in the rotunda.

A video of the incident shows several Capitol Police officers talking very briefly to protester Damon Terrell before they aggressively take him down. Terrell is a regular protester at the so-called "Solidarity Singalong." Police have engaged in a crackdown on progressive protesters in the building since last month, when they began to enforce a requirement for large groups to receive permits for their gatherings, despite doubts over the rule's constitutionality.

According to the Capital Times, Terrell's arrest was the first to turn violent since the crackdown began.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the video does not show what started the conflict. The progressive blog Occupy River West also has video of Terrell passionately quizzing officers about the day's arrests, shortly before they targeted him.

Earlier this month, police arrested a local alderman and the editor of The Progressive Magazine.

UDPATE: The Wisconsin State Journal reports that a police officer was injured during the altercation that arose in arresting Terrell, and he faces "tentative charges of felony battery and resisting/obstructing."

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