Wisconsin Humane Society Finds Home For Every Single Pet Despite Coronavirus ‘Chaos'

“Take a moment to let that sink in… 319 animals are snoozing on couches instead of sitting in kennels,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

An animal shelter is sharing some very good news during the “chaos and uncertainty” of the coronavirus outbreak.

Due to the pandemic, the Wisconsin Humane Society found itself in a “tough situation” less than a week ago and asked supporters for help finding homes for the hundreds of animals in its kennels and cages.

Five days later, the shelter posted paw-some news on Facebook: Every single critter had been adopted or taken in by a foster home.

“Absolutely incredible. We’re near tears,” the organization wrote in an emotional post. “On March 15, we let our supporters know we needed help to get as many animals out of our shelters as possible so we could be ready for whatever challenges tomorrow throws at the communities we serve.”

It added:

Despite the chaos and uncertainly of a global pandemic, you adopted 159 animals and took home 160 foster animals, all in just 5 days – and while three of our campuses were closed, no less! Take a moment to let that sink in… 319 animals are snoozing on couches instead of sitting in kennels. We couldn’t possibly express how grateful we are.

As of Friday, when the group posted its news, there were zero animals up for adoption, which it called, “the most wonderful sight we could ever hope for at a time like this.”

Animal shelters across the nation have been asking for help as the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 illness continues to spread. Many are losing volunteers and donations, and have had to close to the public or scale down staff.

“What we’re trying to do is prepare for the worst at this point,” Eric Rayvid, a spokesperson for New York City-based Best Friends Animal Society, told HuffPost last week.

The Wisconsin Humane Society said it would continue to take in animals.

“You’ll see more listed as they arrive, but for now, we celebrate this tremendous bright spot during an exceedingly difficult time,” the group said on Facebook. “We’re so grateful to our community for taking all of these changes in stride. We wish we could thank you all in person, but for now, we send our love virtually ❤ You. are. Amazing.”

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting a furry friend (that could help with social isolation) check out some resources here.

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