Wisconsin Protester Remains Jailed On Felony Charge After Officer Injured During Violent Arrest (VIDEO)

A Wisconsin man who was violently arrested Monday during a protest at the state Capitol has been charged with felony battery and remains in jail a day later.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Damon Terrell, 22, is still in the Dane County Jail after being tackled by police officers during the continuing crackdown on demonstrators in the building's rotunda. The battery charge reportedly stems from an injury sustained by an officer during Terrell's arrest.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne told the Journal Sentinel that Terrell "must go" by Thursday, meaning Terrell will have a day in court this week.

Another video of the altercation shows Terrell talking to police as they arrest his older brother, Christopher Terrell. In the video, Damon Terrell is holding a camera and begins to back away, saying "no grabbing" as police reach for him. Three officers eventually end up on top him, after throwing him to the ground by his neck.

Stephanie Marquis, a spokesperson for the state's Department of Administration, told the Journal Sentinel that "[Damon Terrell] began to walk away and actively resisted arrest." Marquis wouldn't comment to the publication on the nature of the officer's injury.

The crackdown began last month, when Capitol Police Chief Dave Erwin, a Scott Walker appointee, ordered his officers to begin arresting demonstrators in groups of more than 20 gathering without permits. The constitutionality of the rule Erwin is enforcing remains in doubt.

The gathering was one of the daily "Solidarity Singalongs" that have been taking place in the state Capitol.