Fox News Uses Footage From California Rally In Segment On Wisconsin Protests (VIDEO)

The ongoing labor protests in Wisconsin have been relatively peaceful, with union workers and supporters rallying non-violently in opposition to Governor Scott Walker's controversial proposal to end collective bargaining rights for public unions.

Fox News Channel viewers, however, might get a different impression, thanks in part to footage that was not shot anywhere near Wisconsin. Monday night's episode of "The O'Reilly Factor" included video from a solidarity protest in Sacramento in a segment on the protests in Wisconsin.

Bill O'Reilly opened his segment by addressing the "Fox lies!" choruses that some protesters have been chanting at Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin. Suggesting a smear campaign might be in the works against his network, O'Reilly asked Tobin, is this "an organized campaign to not let you do your reporting?" Tobin replied that a "collective mentality" exists among the ralliers to perpetuate the idea that Fox doesn't report the truth.

During the segment, footage airs from a Sacramento demonstration, one of the many solidarity rallies that took place across the country, while O'Reilly bemoans "organized far-left people who seize upon something like this to promote a wider agenda."

Brian Beutler wrote at Talking Points Memo:

Indeed, just as they accuse unions of busing in protesters from out of state, they've bussed in out-of-state footage, to make a case that can't be made by the facts.

The segment has already gone viral. Take a look below (via TPM).

UPDATE: Earlier in the segment, O'Reilly discusses union protests from "all over the country," during which time the Sacramento footage also airs. About a minute and a half later, the segment transitions to an interview with Tobin, who is in Wisconsin. The Sacramento footage airs again during the interview, and the show never overtly labels it as coming from Wisconsin.