Wisconsin Recount Observers Given Poop Emoji Wristbands — No BS

“I always thought it was chocolate ice cream personally,” Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said.

People observing the Wisconsin recount of presidential votes singled out one detail as pretty crappy: the wristbands.

The recount observers had been given different wristbands each day of the week, ranging from things like “VIP” in gold or purple lettering, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

But on Tuesday, the observers were given bands featuring the poop emoji.

On Twitter, talk show host Vicki McKenna wrote, “Do these people NOT take elections seriously?” alongside a photo of the wristband.

But Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson flushed away concerns about them.

“I always thought it was chocolate ice cream personally,” he told the Journal-Sentinel. “Wisconsin Center is our vendor. They handle the logistics. They are probably just pulling what they have in stock, because this is the first opportunity they’ve had to be open in quite some time due to this pandemic. So again, it’s a non-issue. Everybody got one.”

Christenson said he thinks the fact people are getting in a tizzy over the wristbands “shows that some people are just desperate for any controversy that they hope will distract from the fact that the recount is going smoothly and will confirm the results reported on election night.”

According to The Associated Press, Wisconsin’s recount got off to a slow start last week as election officials had to deal with various complaints from President Donald Trump’s attorneys and observers.

But Brian Rothgery, spokesman for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, told AP that the work was “very close to being back on schedule” and could be completed as soon as Wednesday.

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