Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Honor Rush Limbaugh After Rejecting Black History Push

The state's Republican-controlled legislature approved a resolution to honor the right-wing radio host known for making racist, sexist and homophobic comments.

Republicans who lead the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a resolution Wednesday to honor the late conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh after rejecting Democratic efforts to recognize Black History Month.

The Assembly voted 56-35 to pass the resolution, aimed at “honoring the life and commemorating the career and accomplishments” of Limbaugh, a close ally of former President Donald Trump who poured bigotry and conspiracy theories onto America’s airwaves for decades before his death last month.

Senate Republicans had passed the resolution 18-12 Tuesday. In the same session, Republicans also blocked efforts to “include slavery and Black history in a bill requiring public schools to teach the Holocaust and other genocides,” according to Channel3000.

The move prompted outrage from Democrats in both chambers. Last month, Republicans refused to take up resolutions that would recognize February as Black History Month and honor Black leaders.

White Republican leaders took issue with some of the potential honorees and sought to make changes, including removing Democratic voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal reported. Reaching a stalemate, the resolution was not taken up.

State Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach slammed GOP leadership’s defense on Tuesday, saying it was not a good look to honor “an oppressor while being critical of the oppressed.”

The resolution’s author in the Assembly, Rep. Shae Sortwell, argued Wednesday that he “can’t agree with everything” Limbaugh ever said, but that “there are a whole lot of people out there who have a high amount of respect” for him, Sentinel reporter Molly Beck reported.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler released a statement Tuesday denouncing the resolution.

“Make no mistake: the GOP effort to lionize Rush Limbaugh is a naked attempt to legitimize the race-baiting and fear-mongering that Limbaugh pioneered and that Donald Trump built his political career upon,” he said. “By honoring Rush Limbaugh on the floor of the Wisconsin State Senate, Republicans are once again showing us exactly who they are, and we should believe them.”

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