Wisconsin School Bus Driver Reportedly Told Boy He Should Have Been Aborted Because Of Romney Yard Sign

Mom: Bus Driver Told Boy He Should Have Been Aborted Over Romney Yard Sign

A Wisconsin school bus driver has been fired after reportedly telling a 12-year-old boy he should have been aborted because his family supports Mitt Romney.

The boy's mother, identified as "Debbie," tells WISN's Vicki McKenna that the 78-year-old bus driver started bullying the boy about two weeks ago, when the family first placed a Mitt Romney yard sign outside their New Berlin home.

"The bus driver started making comments like, 'The only reason your parents are Romney fans is because they're rich,' things like that," Debbie said.

But when students on the bus started Romney chants this week, the driver started a political conversation with the boy, prompting him to point out that Obama is pro-choice, according to conservative blog Freedom Eden. The students attend a local Catholic school.

The driver allegedly retorted, "Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you."

The company operating the bus -- Durham School Services -- initially suspended the driver for the day, pending an investigation, and then reassigned her from the Catholic school route to services for the New Berlin Public Schools. In a statement Wednesday, Durham announced its decision to ultimately terminate the driver for making "an inappropriate remark to a child."

"Prior to this incident, the driver had an incident-free record while serving the community as a Durham school bus driver for more than 20 years," according to the statement. "Notwithstanding, the driver's remark was insensitive and inappropriate. Durham has apologized to the family. We remain strongly committed to the safe transportation of students in the community."

The story in New Berlin comes just after Philadelphia teen Samantha Pawlucy was ridiculed by geometry teacher Lynette Gaymon for wearing a pro-Romney T-shirt to school. Gaymon told Pawlucy that the girl wearing the shirt is analogous to the teacher, who is black, wearing a KKK shirt.

The Charles Carroll High School teacher has since apologized for the comment, but Pawlucy's father says the teen and her two siblings will be transferring out of the school.

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