Wisconsin Basketball Players Sing Motown And Continue To Warm Our Hearts

On Wisconsin!

Sure, the Duke men's basketball team may have won the national title last month over the Wisconsin Badgers. But can they belt out a Motown hit while pulling off some on-point choreography?

A new video features four players from the Badgers' basketball team performing earlier this week at the Buckinghams, an annual school event in which Wisconsin's student-athletes showcase their talents off the court.

And just like it was throughout March Madness, the team's charm was undeniable as Vitto Brown, Jordan Hill, Nigel Hayes and Riley Dearring performed The Spinners' song, "It's A Shame." And let us repeat ...

The dancing.




Brown's talents, in particular, are outstanding, and they've been on display before. He was part of a four-student group that sang the National Anthem during this year's NCAA Tournament Final Four. Hayes has some ideas for Brown's future career:

.@motown @DefJamRecords @virginrecords I hope yall watch the #Buckinghams tonight, got a singer for you @SenseiSwat33.#sign'em

— Nigel Hayes (@NIGEL_HAYES) April 29, 2015

And we don't disagree. Get Vitto a record contract immediately!

As for Hayes, you might know him by his hot-mic declaration of love during a March Madness press conference, as well as for trolling the tournament's stenographer. Needless to say, they may not have come away with the title, but these boys have been the true winners this year.

Of course, in true Wisconsin basketball fashion, it would all mean nothing without a team selfie:

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