Tereasa Surratt And David Hernandez's Wisconsin Treehouse Is A Beautiful Tribute To Her Father (PHOTOS)

Even grown-ups need their backyard getaway.

We all have fond memories of treehouses from our childhoods. Maybe yours was a simple construction made out of a few planks of wood in the backyard, or maybe you were lucky enough to be the part-time resident of a backyard mansion. Whatever the case, not all treehouses are made equal, and Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez's Wisconsin treehouse is the stuff of fairytales.

The Elkhorn, WI construction is meant for adults, but its roots are in Surratt's childhood in more ways than one. According to Chicago Home Mag, the idea was inspired by Surratt's father who died shortly after the couple purchased a plot of land in the state's Sugar Creek Township. Ironically, the elm tree her dad affectionately hung a swing from was beginning to falter around the same time. As an homage to her father, the couple decided to salvage the tree and build a house around it.

With a team of designers, carpenters and builders all volunteering their skills, Surratt's talented group of friends spent countless hours and finished the three-story structure within the year. The couple told Apartment Therapy that they kept costs down by using reclaimed wood and other recycled elements as their primary materials for construction.

For photos of the beautiful site, flip through our slideshow below. And to learn how Surratt and her group of friends pulled off such an impressive feat, head over to Chicago Home Mag's detailed account of the couple's story.

Tereasa And David's Treehouse

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