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Food: Just a Little Wisdom to Chew On

The path to vibrant health and wellness begins by creating a right relationship with your mind and your body.
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The path to vibrant health and wellness begins by creating a right relationship with your mind and your body. Imagine if you ate a five-course dinner and never let the waste go -- you would probably be proactive in getting that toxic material out of your body. So it is with the entire human experience. Letting go of negativity -- memories, perceptions, beliefs -- is what it means to be healthy and balanced.

What I love about the Eastern healing sciences such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine is how they perceive and define life. They say that every one of our sensory organs is actually a digestive intelligence. Our eyes digest light waves so we can see. Our ears digest sound waves so we can hear. Our skin digests through touch. We are in fact a collection of digestive marvels. The reason for all this digestive action is because everything we see, hear, touch, taste, experience, think, and perceive is a form of food. These energies are non-physical forms of food that strengthen, sustain and nourish us.

So how can we apply this on a practical level? Here are two easy ways. The first is to remember that nothing that happens to you, nothing that you experience or relate to, is more powerful than you are. Everything is food. Thinking that your mortgage payment or health diagnosis is senior to you would be the same as believing the bowl of cereal you have for breakfast has more power than you do. The second is that you are designed to take in and absorb only what improves your life. Let the rest go for the waste it is. This means, for example, that if there is something negative in how you perceive your body image, or if how you think about that certain job search is not enhancing your existence, it is nature's way of telling you it is useless, and you can let it go! Just a little wisdom to chew on.

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