Wise Women: On Self-Worth

Wise Women: On Self-Worth
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When "The Grown Woman's Oath" was published, the response confirmed my belief that women love women. Despite the stereotypes that would homogeneously paint us as backstabbing and emotional, we intuitively know better. Of course, examples of abhorrent behavior exist amongst pockets of women, but the majority of us recognize it as being such.

More often than not, we salute each other in our victories, publicly and privately. And any animosity shown or felt is simply a call to heal misguided separation. At the core, we crave the wisdom of the multi-dimensional beings with whom we share the experience of womanhood.

This Wise Women series is intended to share insights on topics that touch each and every one of us in its own customized way. Starting with self-worth is jumping into the deep end but why the hell not? Isn't it the very reason we choose to do (or not do) anything?

These five brilliant women were asked the question, "What do you want every woman to know about self-worth?" Here are their thoughtful responses:

Every woman needs to know that her self-worth has nothing to do with other people's comments or expectations. Her worth is not a measurable social or monetary value, but a feeling deep within her own heart.

Her body, her socioeconomic status, her education are all parts of her journey, they are not to classify her into a box of worthiness.

She is worthy, simply because she exists.

We are all inherently equal as human beings, worthy of love and worthy of respect. You cannot put a value on any human, as we are all part of one divine whole.

Sara Ballard
Intuitive, Qoya teacher & Sacred Mala artist

You want to share your brilliance with the world. You have a burning desire for something more. You want divine direction. You want to live with passion and purpose. You want to follow your heart and stand in unstoppable power. You want to give yourself permission to be who you are.

You want to turn your pain into greatness and fall madly in love with yourself. The only way to do this is to take the greatest risk in life. You must risk knowing you are worthy. You must believe in yourself and your ability to embrace your freedom.

Avalaura Gaither Beharry, MSW, LGSW
Spiritual Life Coach & Healer for Powerful Women Leaders

Self-worth is a deep knowing of your divine nature... a sense that you are created in the image of God. From that state of being, we see everything as divine. But let's face it, who the fuck is there?

Most of us can pinpoint key moments when a piece of our self-worth was ripped away and thrown into the ethers. We've all had moments that shake us to the very fiber of our being and force us to question our worth.

The truth is that our worth has never been damaged. No worldly circumstance can touch it. I want every woman to know that no matter how broken you may think you are, your worth is always intact.

Anita Kopacz
Editor-in-Chief of Heart & Soul Magazine

Women must learn from a very young age that their value is not determined by their physical appearance or by the opinion of others. As a body positive advocate, it's my life mission to help women to rediscover their own values and learn how to acknowledge, appreciate and respect all the miracles they carry within.

I encourage women to be proud of that certain plus which makes them unique and irreplaceable. I believe that once they learn how to celebrate their distinctive values, it will contribute to their personal and professional success.

Zsuzsanna(Zsuzska) Szkiba
Founder of Beauty With Plus & BoPoTribe

"Bitch betta have my fix" sings the ego starved for external validation. Whether you get the Rihanna reference or not, I bet you have some idea of what it means to be your ego's slave: to grind for accolades, tap for cheers, to bow down merciless over and over for the approval of someone else's opinion you value more than your own.

Self-worth cannot be amassed from the outside. It doesn't worship compliments and accomplishments collected. Instead it recalls the revolutionary occasion of your birth that singularly certified your worthiness.

You have nothing to prove. You were born enough.

k. Neycha Herford -Instigator of Personal Revolutions
Curator of Hope at The ReMixed Life, LLC

Five wholly different expressions of a common sentiment; our worth is inherent. May these words strengthen your will to continue exploring the depths of your most courageous self and your infinite value.

Now, tell us. What do you want every woman to know about self-worth?

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