Wish You Could Have a New Year's Do Over? 3 Fabulous Ways to Renew and Refresh for 2016


I love beginnings -- new, clear, full of possibility. And there's nothing like the start of a new year to give me that rush of all things fresh, all things possible.

As soon as December rolls around my mind starts tilting towards this beacon of beginnings. I start by taking stock of the year gone by, all the things that stood out, the highs, the lows, the stumbles, the lightning moments of bliss. I want to remember. I want to look at those things that are all charged up and either intentionally deactivate them (thank them for what they have taught me and send them on their way) or amplify them up (feel their radiance again and infuse them into my fibres, bring their energy with me into the year ahead).

After that... the dreaming begins. What could be possible? What do I want to create? What do I want to feel at the end of this next year?

I love this part -- the dreaming part -- the part before the planning, the part that fuels the doing. The magic and passion generated at this point is what keeps me going when the going gets stuck.

Then: the plan. Oh I love a good plan, almost as much as I love planning. (Of course I am a Virgo, fairly Type A and mildly OCD, so yay planning.)

But this year my planning went a little sideways. Cause you know, life.

We spent the month of November traveling, then all of a sudden it was the holidays, then we were picking up stakes and rolling down to Florida for the winter, then we no sooner got here and I got sick and... you know, life.

Instead of excitedly waiting at the precipice of the new year, plan in hand, I ushered in the new year laid out on the couch and spent the first week of 2016 aggravated by aches and numbed out on Netflix. By mid-week massive frustration had kicked in. I just wanted to get on with it already. I felt like I was losing all my momentum -- how am I supposed to rock out this year if I don't start it off the right way!?

After a couple of days of quietly kicking my own ass I realized something... I'm not always very nice to myself. I'm kinda hard on me. My body was exhausted from all the traveling, all the running, all the doing -- it needed a break and since I wasn't giving it one, it took one on its own...

That's when I got the real a-ha: I was starting out the year the right way.

My body was trying to tell me what was right for me, what it needs this year -- time for rest, time for rejuvenation, time to renew and restore.

After that um-ya-totally-obvious-can't-believe-I-missed-it-moment my "planning" just fell into place. This year needs to be about being gentle with myself, with filling up that big ol' creative well. My "plans" need to feel good and include all sorts of room for play and fun and magic.

Did your new year not start the way you planned? Did you "end up" in 2016 with no real focus and kinda wondering in the dark (or lost in busyness)? Did you start out strong but end up tripping all over those unrealistic (and possibly punishing) goals and resolutions?

Well guess what? You are allowed to begin again, you're allowed a do-ever (or twelve, whatever it takes).

Three Fabulous Ways to Renew & Refresh for 2016

If you are looking for some gentle, yet potent ways to frame your year or uplevel your goals, give these three ways a try:

1. Dust off, delve in or just plain discover your Core Desired Feelings...

If you've been in my world for any length of time, you'll know how much I love and adore Danielle Laporte. I firmly believe her Desire Map should be required reading for all humans (oh my, what would that world look like!?).

My current core desired feelings:

Luscious, Vibrant, Embody Carmel Magic, Joy, Clarity

2. Pick a theme word...

Choosing a single word, a north star, a guiding principle for the year can be an amazing way to anchor yourself in the direction of your dreams. In 2014 my word was CONNECTION, in 2015 it was CREATE, and this year my happy little brain refused to settle on just one and since I am obsessed with all things terrifically triple, I'm going with three words this year:

Focus, Compassion & Pleasure

3. And speaking of pleasure, how about framing your goals in the language of feeling good...

(Thanks to Melissa Cassera for commissioning this one from my typically outcome-oriented, results-focused brain.)

In 2016, I want to share my fresh spin on learning to unleash your brilliance, voice and story with as many people as I can.

I want to help people connect with the deep well of wisdom that lives within, to help people learn to celebrate the beauty of their uniqueness and, most importantly, to help people to see that the universe is speaking to us and that we should listen!

Writing my memoir feels like one way to do this, captivating people with magical in person experiences feels like another way. Creating a delicious and enchanting online journey another.

At the end of the day, the way my message finds people's hearts doesn't matter.

What matters is sharing my authentic, vulnerable, creative heart with as many people as I can -- as often as I can, as consistently as I can -- no matter what form it takes.

I don't have to wait for the stars to align, because they already are -- they always have been.

I can serve and inspire people TODAY.

I can TRUST, SURRENDER & LEAP, all by myself, TODAY.

This is my goal. Sticking to it will be my absolute pleasure.

Your turn. I'd love to know how you can refresh, renew or reframe some of your intentions, goals or plans for the new year. Go ahead and leave a comment below!

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