Wishing You Education

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I can remember, as a young girl, sitting with my dad, watching Tony Shiraki. Bless everyone with his talent. It’s individuals like Tony that can really shape and contribute to molding others. I specifically remember looking around, while watching him, and seeing the Salon Professionals with their willingness to learn. There was excitement in every on-lookers eyes and; they were more than eager to take what they learned back to the salon.

It must have made a big impact on me because I was only 11 years old. I never forgot that afternoon. Today, I attribute that experience to one of the reasons that I am so passionate about education. I believe that if you give people the opportunity to learn, the vast majority of the time, they will embrace it.

Education plays such a key role in professional success. Especially in the rapidly changing beauty industry. Being in the business my entire life, my father told me to “never get to comfortable”. He encouraged me to always be open to learning regardless of how long I worked been behind the chair.

I have held this lesson close. I always knew that one day I would entwine education into my company. This has now come to fruition through the creation of the Phenix Education Team. This is a group of artists that are extremely talented. They work diligently to share their talents as well as whatever new knowledge they gain. They hold color, haircutting, barbering and styling classes. They have also added specialty classes such as classes for curly hair.

I am so pleased to provide an education path for the Salon Professionals that reside within our locations. Equally important, I am excited to provide an avenue that allows my artistic team to expand their skill set. This is why I have been very open and excited to bring in artists from other companies. This keeps my team fresh, me included.

Very soon I will be hosting the first ever Phenix Summit in San Diego. And, while the event is hosted as a by -gina educational event, I am incredibly honored to have some amazing artist from outside of my company on the agenda.

Hattori Hanzo Shear Company has partnered with me at this event to provide the guest artists; Cole Thompson and Fernie Andong. Thompson is the current Creative Director and founder of Elevation H. His impressive background consists of being one of Vidal Sassoon’s youngest "Creative Directors " ever. He also works closely with many schools in their "School Connection " program and has traveled the globe educating professionals on hair cutting techniques, client growth, salon management and structure. You may have seen him in Vidal Sassoon’s commercial as the " Salon Genius".

Adong possesses a solid portfolio as well. He has completed advanced courses in color, cutting, and barbering. His stunning work has been featured in both Hairbrained and Behind the Chair. I am excited to see these fabulous artists grace the Phenix Summit stage.

I have a deep love for this industry. Because of this, one of my goals is to ensure that education is provided at all levels. If I can do this, I know that I have left a successful legacy. It’s easy to be very competitive in this business, but I believe that no matter which company you work for, there is always a chance to learn and share ideas. My wish for you today is that you will make the most of every learning opportunity that comes your way. I hope to see you at the SUMMIT to be held at the San Diego Hyatt Andaz hotel on October 29th. Education is complimentary for all those that have a desire to learn. To register contact swilson@PhenixSalonSuites.com