'Witches Of East End': Freya Nearly Drowned By Guy Trapped In Painting (VIDEO)

The battle with the guy who escaped from the painting continued on "Witches of East End." It was Freya's ex-boyfriend, Doug, who'd been trapped in the painting. But that was 80 years ago, and she'd been reborn since then. Even more, her mother hadn't told her or her sister about their witchy heritage, so she had no idea who this guy was.

It didn't slow him down at all. She managed to escape the speakeasy painting he'd trapped her in, but Doug tracked Freya back to her house. He then filled the bathtub and drowned her in it, freezing the water around her. Luckily, it was at that moment that Freya's mother, Joanna, arrived with her sister and other daughter. Her arrival broke Doug's concentration, causing the ice to disappear immediately.

Freya's sister, Ingrid, managed to pull her out of the water, where she started breathing again right away. Meanwhile, Joanna was casting a familiar spell. Before he could get free and attack Freya again, Joanna once more trapped him inside a painting. At least, as she pointed out, this was a nicer painting. He'd spent the last 80 years in a desert scene.

This time, the ladies buried the painting, as Joanna told her daughters that they don't kill ... anymore. But Hollywood Life's Andy Swift found the whole thing a little off. "Why did no one step in to stop these women from digging an enormous hole in the cemetery, especially since one of them is still technically being brought up on murder charges?" he wondered. "The police in this town could really be more observant.”

The "Witches of East End" continue practicing magic on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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